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My MeltSHape Beauty Enhancements
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    Freeze the fat cell and fat & it won't come back!

    About Us

    We offer Non-Invasive FatFreezing Treatments


    The best way to achieve a younger & better looking  body without  plastic surgery is with our Award Winning FatFreeze procedure.  There is No Pain, No Cutting, No Downtime. Return back to work or to your regular work-out regiment, and/or same daily routines as soon as you leave our office. What the Doctors don't tell you is, whenever fat is removed by plastic surgery i.e., liposuction or tummy tuck, the fat will come back once you start to gain weight again.  Cancel your surgery plans and come see us and get our Non-Invasive, Non-Surgery, Permanent  FatFreeze procedure today. Freezing the fat is the only true way to kill the fat cells. 

    Friendly Professional Services

    In Salon Suites/Behind Applebee's

    390 Ernest W. Parkway, Suite 12

    Kennesaw. GA 30144

    (Suite 12, Middle Hall 2nd door on the left)

    "Core Zone" FatFreeze Sale

    Zone: Abdomen, Lower Stomach, Front/Back Flanks,Upper Back

    Core Zone includes the entire mid-area: abdomen, lower stomach, front and back flanks and upper back (bra fat). Freeze the fat cell and fat, they will melt and leave the body through the physiological process (restroom). The FatFreeze takes 3-5 weeks to reflect results, with continuous results up to 6 months.

    Sale $750.00 

    FatFreeze Sale by Areas 

    Buy 3 Areas /Get 2 Free              $599.00

    Buy 4 Areas/Get 3 Free               $699.00

    Buy 5 Areas/Get 4 Free               $799.00

    All Sales Online - See Book/Buy Below

    Client Perferences

    Exercise Regularly/Cross Fit Training

    You exercise regularly during the week, but do not see any progress.

    Reached Your Goal

    You have reached your goal, but still have area(s) in need of some tweaking to decrease or tighten.

    Plateau/Stubborn Area(s)

    You have area(s) no matter how much you exercise, will not leave.

    New Mom

    You have recently had your little one and need a tummy makeover.

    Tummy Tuck/Lipo Suction

    You have have had one of these procedures in the past and need to tighten the area(s) or a new area(s) where fat has migrated.

    Just Because!

    You want to treat yourself, look fantastic in something special or increase your energy by detoxing.  We are here!



    The lantern is placed on the areas of the body, pulling that area up into the lantern vacuuming and freezing.

    The FatFreeze and Lipo "Deep" are permanent fat removal procedures.  

    The Before/After pictures are all FatFreeze procedures with same day results.  There is no guarantee of same day, but we work hard to and stand by our procedure.  FatFreeze technology attacks the fat only, its not harmful to the body, no side affects.  You may return to work, workout or your normal day.

    If you do crunches/set-ups or jog/run  sometimes the lower stomach may be a muscle; consequently, the procedure only attacks fat. 

    There is no bruising,  discomfort, nerve damage or pain.   There is no massaging area to use frozen area to pop additional fat cells.  We Tighten with another service.

    Contouring of the body in all areas is accomplished by moving the lantern. 

    **Money back Guarantee when you purchase online.




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