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Laser Lipo - The fat melts under the skin

Laser Pads are placed in the area desired. The fat melts in the cell under the skin. Treatment times are 20 minutes (1) or 40 minutes (2). Its suggested the 40 minutes (2) has more benefits with the longer treatment time. Treatments can be scheduled every 3-4 days, consistently once a week.

Treatment Areas: Abs, Arm, Lower Stomach, Back and Thighs. No pain and not damaging to the skin. 


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FatFreeze - The Treatment page reflects the Description of Areas for FatFreeze and can guide in determining the number of areas.  Additional areas can be purchased The abdomen and lower stomach which are the most popular areas, are considered two areas.  If more areas are desired on the day of the appointment, you may purchase more at that time.  FatFreeze - Procedure is a one and done.

Laser Lipo is a series of treatments.  Treatments can be received every 3-4 days or one time per week.

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Our Services

Fat freezing

Body contouring

Body contouring


Freeze the fat cell and fat, they will melt and leave the body through the physiological process. The FatFreeze detoxes the body leaving the lymphatic system.

Body contouring

Body contouring

Body contouring


See the above target areas that most people wish to have treated. Our specialized treatments and services provide the desired results in skin tighten and fat reduction in all those spots that are so visible. Want results see us today!

Body sculpting

Body contouring

Body sculpting


Pinching more then an inch in those stubborn hard to reduce areas our fat reduction services can help. We have many techniques to provide you with the results you are seeking.  Give us a call and allow us to help you achieve the body you want.

Laser lipo

Lipo cavitation

Body sculpting


Do have those areas that just don’t go away? Laser Lipo could be the answer it has shown remarkable results. Our techniques combine with the latest technology and equipment can do wonders for those areas. Why not give it a try today! You will be amazed with the results. Call us today!

Body toning

Lipo cavitation

Lipo cavitation


Looking to tone and firm your body areas. We have the right techniques and state of the art equipment to do just that by offering several options for you from Fat Freezing to Lipo Cavitation to name a few. Why wait lets us help you achieved that tone fit looking body today!

Lipo cavitation

Lipo cavitation

Lipo cavitation


RF-Radio Frequency Vacuum, breaks up fat with radio waves. The Vacuum and Burner are applied in clockwise/counter clockwise motions, finishing in a downward stroke to put the fat into lymphatic system.

Fat Freezing- First Body Area $200.00

The best way to achieve a younger & better looking body without  plastic surgery is with our Award Winning FatFreeze procedure.  There is No Pain, No Cutting, No Downtime. Return back to work or to your regular work-out regiment, and/or same daily routines as soon as you leave our office. What the Doctors don't tell you is, whenever fat is removed by plastic surgery i.e., liposuction or tummy tuck, the fat will come back once you start to gain weight again.  Cancel your surgery plans and come see us and get our Non-Invasive, Non-Surgery, Permanent FatFreeze procedure today. Freezing the fat is the only true way to kill the fat cells.  Promo Code #229

Fat Freezing Services

Fat Freezing Procedure

The Award Winning Fat Freezing Services


Our award winning Fat Freezing services along with our proven techniques and our state of the art equipment, you will  witness first hand results the same day. We will be with you every step of the way on your journey to achieving your goals. 

Summer FatFreeze Special! Entire Stomach $450.00 (4 Area


Online Purchase Only $450.00

(Reg price $650.00)

One and Done/No Sessions

Summer FatFreeze Special includes the entire  stomach area: abdomen, lower stomach, front flanks (lovehandles) . Freeze the fat cell and fat, they will melt, leaving the body through the lymphatic system. Most cases immediate results. More results between 3-5 weeks.  Results continue to occur up to 6 months.   You will finish with Tightener/Full Body Vibration Machine (Free).  

Designed:  For candidates whose  BMI>35 may require two for maximum goal.

Men or Women

Fat Freezing


The lantern is placed on the areas of the body, pulling that area up into the lantern, freezing the fat cell and fat.  

FatFreeze Areas:  Chin, Neck, Arms, Abs, Lower Stomach, Flanks, Back, Thighs, and Calves.

Fat Burning "Lipo Cavitation"

Transducer handles are used to damage fat cells causing fat to exit the cell, thus, exiting the body. Handles are strategically used to ensure maximum results.

Session Areas:   Face, Abs, Arm, Lower Stomach, Back and Thighs. 

3/Fat Burning Sessions       $125.00

5/Fat Burning Sessions       $225.00

First Client


Fat Burning "Lipo Cavitation"

This wonderful Client was the 1st person approached when this was the only service offered in April 2017.  Over a period <two months with 8 sessions of Fat Burning (Lipo Cavitation) her abs and lower stomach were removed. Consistent with her sessions weekly when not on vacation and walked with a walking group.

Blue dress 2 years later.


ButtLifts 3/Sessions for $150.00


The Vacuum transducer is used to push fat cells from the back of the  thighs  into the Glutes. The relocated  fat cells will increase with new fat from food intake.  Procedure is complete with three sessions.

Results between 1 to 2 sessions.

Its done with an aggressive technique, not damaging to skin and no pain.

Fascia Blasting - Coming Soon!

Two Full Body Blasters

The Fascia Blaster breaks up the capillaries and fat cells in the body, which reduces the binding of the muscles and cellulite returning the skin back to its natural healthy state.

Using an oil FB can be performed on the unclothe body head-to-toe.

Blaster 1 hour.

Men and Women


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