My MeltSHape Beauty Enhancements
My MeltSHape Beauty Enhancements
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    Beauty Enhancements

    Freeze the fat cell and fat & it won't come back!

    About Us

    We offer Non-Invasive FatFreezing Treatments


    The best way to achieve a younger & better looking  body without  plastic surgery is with our Award Winning FatFreeze procedure.  There is No Pain, No Cutting, No Downtime. Return back to work or to your regular work-out regiment, and/or same daily routines as soon as you leave our office. What the Doctors don't tell you is, whenever fat is removed by plastic surgery i.e., liposuction or tummy tuck, the fat will come back once you start to gain weight again.  Cancel your surgery plans and come see us and get our Non-Invasive, Non-Surgery, Permanent  FatFreeze procedure today. Freezing the fat is the only true way to kill the fat cells. 

    Friendly Professional Services

    In Salon Suites

    390 Ernest W. Parkway, Suite 12

    Kennesaw. GA 30144


    Up to 5 Areas  

    One Area/1 Free $259.00

    Two Areas/2 Free $499.00

    Three Areas/3 Free $599.00

    Four Areas/4 Free $699.00

    Five  Areas/5 Free $799.00

    Online Sale Only

    Purchase multiple areas, You may use all at initial appointment or split into multiple appointments.

    Note:  The FatFreeze procedure is not sold in sessions.   Candidates sometimes require more than one procedure in the same area.

    Groupon Customers


    You may go to Appointment under Groupon (no charge) book an appointment  without any additional pay.  We ask you to read the Treatment page to become familiar with the 

    procedure you have purchased and how areas are determined.   



    "Ladies Afternoon, Evening or Night Out" Party

    Each Guest (10) will receive a 20 minute treatment of Lipo Cavitation and Lipo Deep with a Roller Pin finish. A demonstration of the Full Body Vibration Machine and free Consultation, if additional treatment is requested.   (Co-Ed party ok)

    Thank You for visiting My MeltSHape BE.  We have provided pertinent information to help you determine if our services can help accomplish your goals.