The FatFreeze and Lipo "Deep" are permanent fat removal procedures.  The fat cell and fat, the body excretes and it does not return; however, if fat cells are remaining, they can expand.  It is an excellent idea to layer the treatment with more services to eliminate more fat cells/fat if you are not at your goal.

The Before/After  pictures below are all FatFreeze procedures same day results.  There is no guarantee of same day, but we do stand by our procedure.  FatFreeze technology attacks the fat only, its not harmful to the body, no side affects.  You may return to work, workout or your normal day.

All photos are the property of MMS and each individual has signed a MMS Consent to Treatment which include a consent to photos.  Disclosure completion and signature are required before any treatment is rendered.

Pictures of other areas will be posted.

The FatFreeze itself takes 3-5 weeks to reflect results and they can continue up to 6 months.  All FatFreeze procedures are done with Lipo "Deep" and a Tigthener for a smoother finish.  There is no bruising, discomfort,nerve damage or pain.  The redness is due to the coolness or sensitive skin. 



The lantern is placed on the areas of the body, pulling that area up into the lantern vacuuming and freezing.