My MeltSHape Beauty Enhancements

My MeltSHape

FatFreeze and Lipo Cavitation Areas of Service

Chin, Neck, Chest (men), Arms, Abdomen, 

Lower Stomach, Front/Back Flanks, Upper Back (bra fat), Front/Back Thighs, Inner Thighs,Calves and Glutes.

All same day photos are My MeltSHape BE actual clients and the property of MMSBE.

All photos are of actual MMSBE clients . No models.

Service:  Men and Women

The FatFreeze and Lipo "Deep" are permanent fat removal procedures.   

The Before/After pictures are all FatFreeze procedures with same day results.  More results between 3-5 weeks, with continuous results up to 6 months.  FatFreeze technology attacks the fat only, its not harmful to the body, no side affects and skin is protected.  You may return to work, workout or your normal day.    


The area(s) with more girth may require more than one FatFreeze procedure and some fat burning (Lipo Cavitation) to assist in the elimination of the girth.

Girth - is the measurement around the middle of something. (ie. waist)


The redness is the results of the cooling and vacuuming of the area, it will dissipate within 24 hours.


Both the FatFreeze and Lipo Deep are kept at a reasonable price for those individuals, who may need  melt the fat in layers due to the size of the girth.  Our goal is to help as many as we can to reach their goals.  If you see a price unbelievable, believe it.

Drink water to flush fat out of the lymphatic system after the procedure

There is no bruising,  discomfort, nerve damage or pain.  Precaution is taken to prevent the simultaneous freezing/vacuuming of the skin from burning; however, occasionally incidents may occur.

 There is no massaging area to use frozen area to pop additional fat cells.  We pop fat cells and tighten with another service.  



The lantern is placed on the areas of the body, pulling that area up into the lantern, freezing the fat cell and fat.