Freeze the fat cell and fat, they will melt and leave the body through the physiological process.  Most cases immediate results.  More results between 3-5 weeks, with continuous results up to 6 months. It eliminates cellulite in glutes, legs, etc.  A FatFreeze can be repeated in the same area after 21 days or sooner according to how well the first procedure is received.   Purchase of multiple areas can be used for same area, later or in different areas.

Lipo "Deep" Cavitation

Permanent Lipo Cavitation delivered to areas of the body by shoot in ultrasonic waves.  Results within hours after procedure and they continue up to 3 months.

Lipo Cavitation

RF-Radio Frequency Vacuum, breaks up fat with radio waves. The Vacuum and Burner are applied in clockwise/counter clockwise motions, finishing in a downward stroke to put the fat into lymphatic system.  Both handles are designed to target fat cells not the bone, muscle, organ or tissue.  Eating in moderation and exercise are a requirement for this treatment.  Eight-Ten sessions will reflect significant loss in inches and size.  Do not eat two hours before treatment and one hour after.  Drink at least 16 oz of water before and continue to drink water after treatment. First and Second sessions can be 3-4 days apart.  After the 2nd session, wait 7 days to allow the lymphatic system to process and ridding fat relieving the system.   Two sessions per week would be ideal, but as long as there is a consistency of one session per week, procedure works.  Fat is eliminated from the body through normal physiological process.   Lipo Cavitation Handle (Also called the Tightener pops fat cells with ultrasonic waves).  The Tightener is used after each service to eliminate the skin from loosening or sagging.  The ultrasonic waves in this handle pops the fat in the fat cells depositing it into the lymphatic system. During the week after a treatment your body process what's known as the triglycerides and fatty substances, eliminating through normal physiological processes.   


Arosha Body Wraps​  (From Italy)

(Assist in shrinking fat and eliminating cellulite)

Don't miss out on these amazing Body Wraps from Italy.  Once the body areas  are wrapped, client sits in a hot sauna for 30-35 minutes to allow for body to detox with the solution contained in the wrap.  Wraps are done in a series of 3-6 with results improving each treatment. 

Lipo Laser 

(Reduce thickness/girth of fat).  Lipo Laser treatment, the client loose inches and unwanted fat in a series of treatments.  To see an abundance in results, 13 to 15 sessions are required. Plates containing lasers are placed in the area needed with the laser rays directed toward the fatty area.  Treatment last for 45 mins.

Full Body Vibration Platform Machine

Nine minutes of free vibration exercise offered after each service.  Improve circulation and shake the girth.

**As with any plan to reduce size, it is advised you check with your physician before starting any program. 

Description of FatFreeze and Lipo "Deep" Areas

 My MeltSHape Beauty Enhancements

  Description of FatFreeze and Lipo "Deep" Areas - These are not sessions.

  Here at My MeltSHape BE  our goal is to assist as many as possible with their body desires.

  We have the ability to design a program to reduce a BMI greater than 35 which

  sometimes require a layering of services from FatFreeze, Lipo 

  "Deep" Cavitation to Lipo Cavitation.  FatFreeze can be performed 

  every 21 days in the same area.  It can be determined at your appointment if it can be sooner.

  The FatFreeze works well with eating in moderation  and exercise (walking).    They expedite the   procedure.

 The procedures are offered at a reasonable cost to help individuals get to their desired goal.  

  How are the Number of Areas determined?  Areas and applicator are the same,

  Areas are determined by the number of placements.  It may vary according

  to size of the individual.  All services pre-purchased are a starting point, we work with you if

  additional areas are needed.   FatFreeze/Lipo "Deep" Cavitation produce excellent results.  

  1.     Chin Bone (Both) = 1  Area/Neck Roll included

  2.     Arms (Both) = 2 Areas

  3.     Upper Back/Back Flanks  (Based on size and placement of handle) can be up to = 9 Areas

          according to size of person

  4.     Abdomen only = 1 Area /Lower Stomach only = 1 Area

  5.     Abdomen, Lower Stomach = 2 Areas (No Flanks)

  6.     Abdomen, lower Stomach Front Flanks = 6 Areas.  Back Flanks included

          = Total 8 Areas.

  7.     Lower Stomach/Front Flanks (Love Handles) = 3 Areas.  Back Flanks included = 5 Areas

  8.     Both Calves = 2 Areas    


  9.     Both Front/Inner Thighs = 2-4 Areas.   Both Saddlebags only (hips) = 2

          Both Back Thighs = 2 - 4 Areas

  10.   Glutes (Butt) = 2 Areas (depending on size)

FYI - FatFreeze and Lipo Cavitation (Deep also) targets fat only.  If a muscle has developed in the area,  you may experience limited results.  If you are considering the procedure, crunches and running should be limited as these two exercises are known to create a musle in the lower stomach.

Client Perferences

Exercise Regularly/Cross Fit Training

You exercise regularly during the week, but do not see any progress.

Reached Your Goal

You have reached your goal, but still have area(s) in need of some tweaking to decrease or tighten.

Plateau/Stubborn Area(s)

You have area(s) no matter how much you exercise, will not leave.

New Mom

You have recently had your little one and need a tummy makeover.

Tummy Tuck/Lipo Suction

You have have had one of these procedures in the past and need to tighten the area(s) or a new area(s) where fat has migrated.

Just Because!

You want to treat yourself, look fantastic in something special or increase your energy by detoxing.  We are here!

Benefits of Services


Benefits from FatFreeze, Lipo "Deep", Lipo Cavitation  and Lipo Laser.
Loose inches, re-distribute fat cells from thighs to glutes, breakdown stubborn fat cells and eliminate or reduce cellulites, leaving body appearance naturally. 

  1. Stimulates lymph drainage
  2. Eliminates toxins
  3. Diminish scars and stretch-marks
  4. Relieves Pain, Increase your Energy
  5. Speeds up metabolism
  6. Tones and tightens 
  7. Reduce circumference, girth or thickness of the fat
  8. Lifts glutes
  9. Chisel the waist
  10. Firm thighs and glutes
  11. Defines arms and legs

center/Mission Statement

Additional Information



Body Contouring Services concentrate on levels of ultrasonic energy to a specific treatment area. This type of therapy targets and dissolve or melt the subcutaneous fat cells in the fat cell membranes through a series of microscopic implosions. Our RF and Cavitation handles are very powerful and go 20mm below the skin surface, to bring your MeltShape Body powerful results. 

Your Lymphatic system will get rid of the waste through your natural body process and this process takes about 8 days. This is a Complete skin penetration from the inside out which ensures exponentially improved clinical efficacy which produces clearly visible results for most within 1 to 8 days. Cool-Body-Sculpting or Fat-Freeze results vary from 3 to 5 weeks but continuous results up to 6 months.


Our Philosophy

Our team will work very hard so that you will see the results your body deserves.


Mission Statement

My MeltSHape Beauty Enhancements mission is to accompany individuals,  in tackling those hard to eliminate fatty areas to achieve their goals.